Vista Pruning

Would you like that million dollar view? McAbee Tree Care offers vista pruning tree service to help gain or re-gain the view from your home or cabin.

Vista pruning is simply improving upon a view of the pond, stream, mountain, or various other beautiful settings you may have access to. There are two main techniques that are used when vista pruning; and they are crown reduction, and tree thinning. Reducing the crown consists of pruning the upper portion of the tree, effectively opening up views above the trees. Crown reduction works especially well when the desired view is in the distance and the viewing platform – be it a house, deck, patio, etc – is elevated.

Thinning a tree is a common pruning practice, as it improves light and air flow, making for a healthier tree; however, thinning can also be used when vista pruning to open up views through the trees. This is common along water-front properties, as homeowners are looking to improve their views, without cutting down the trees that add both appeal and privacy to their property.

NOTE: Some municipalities now have ordinances against “topping” and removing trees over “x” DBH. So you/we will need to be careful to check on this first, especially as nearby neighbors might have an objection. Property lines and/or ordinances or neighborhood covenants will need to be determined prior to starting any work.

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